End of the Weak 7.22.2021

Book I'm enjoying: Over It: How to Face Life’s Hurdles with Grit, Hustle, and Grace by (Lolo Jones) I'm following her training for the winter Olympics (here). Newest Business Venture I'm following: Mahalo Made, Shave Ice & Stuffs 1215 E Missouri Ave Phoenix AZ 85014 Suite 2. The perfect mix of heat and ice. Get … Continue reading End of the Weak 7.22.2021

End of the Weak 7.9.2021

Blog I've enjoyed: The Lex Fridman podcast - Clara Sousa-Silva. Russian perspective is a gift. Book I'm looking forward to: Almost Faithful by (*Victoria Ray). This author has had my attention since her first publication. I will read this on a Galveston, Tx, beach when it comes out 7.11.2021. Quote I'm pondering: "An ill mind … Continue reading End of the Weak 7.9.2021

End of the Weak 7.02.2021

One of the greatest gifts I have received in this life is the ability to hold on despite the storms. Some were deserved, others were completely out of my control. In the end, we need to endure them all and will continue the need to survive all types of downpours.  Let it Rain, I say. When … Continue reading End of the Weak 7.02.2021