End of the Weak 9.17.2021

Teeth - A salient subject for the next 120 days. If you saw the tooth fairy post (here). You know I have a problem. For me teeth are very personal, same as genitalia. Therefore discourse does not come easy. However, this blog is about powering through so.... Apology, the rides at dental-land have me feeling … Continue reading End of the Weak 9.17.2021

End of the Weak 9.11.2021

Product I found to be outstanding - LMNT Elemental Labs Recharge Electrolyte Drink Mix. Watermelon Salt is my favorite flavor so far. Setting the record straight - "It's not enough to succeed. Other must fail" "Revenge is a dish best served cold" "Don't get mad, get even" These quotes were prevalent in Acts 1 and … Continue reading End of the Weak 9.11.2021

End of the Weak 8.28.2021

Interview I've learned from this week - Iconic Therapist Dr. Sue Johnson on How to Improve Sex, Shape Love, Face Dragons, and Find Comfort in the Arms of Another from The Tim Ferris Show Diet I'm trying - 48hr fast. I'm in the middle of it now. Full report next weak. Quote that rings true … Continue reading End of the Weak 8.28.2021

End of the weak 8.6.2021

Documentary I'm very excited about - Beatles Get Back Premiere: Aug. 27 on Disney+ I feel like a kid before Christmas. Oh Boy! Concept I'm wrestling with - Complexity Bias - The belief that complex solutions are better than simple ones. I find myself getting caught up in this all the time. Solution(s) - Occam's … Continue reading End of the weak 8.6.2021