End of the Weak 1.7.2022

Survey worth taking – Jeste-Thomas Wisdom Index from UC San Diego Health Sciences (Here)

Interview I’ve enjoyed – The Revised Psychology of Human Misjudgment by Charlie Munger – Farnam Street Media (Here)

Good Book I just finished – On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King (Here)

From the memoir Rain – I’m so far gone at this point I don’t think there’s any point in returning to a life I once knew. A memory is better remaining a memory than forcing its replay.

I now know this place (earth) has everything needed. My excessive searching has wasted time. I never needed to find myself rather just be myself. Seems everything is cyclical. When life is going well, I can guarantee with 100% accuracy that it will turn to shit. Same when in a world of shit, it will get better. The important thing is what I tell myself throughout these phases. That’s all… 

Personal note – When I was transitioning, not long ago, I wouldn’t have given two shits or a Mickey mouse fuck for my future. (Sorry Disney). Anyway, my point is situations change. I made a recent change myself – cutting my hair, cleaning up the diet and hitting the gym. New year resolution? Hell no, I don’t play that shit. It was time for significant change and I pulled the trigger. Tough times make tough customers.

That’s a hair cut.

Do well, Be well,


2 thoughts on “End of the Weak 1.7.2022

  1. “It was time for significant change and I pulled the trigger.” True words of wisdom. Screw resolutions: grab the opportunity when it’s in your grasp.

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