End of the Weak 7.02.2021

One of the greatest gifts I have received in this life is the ability to hold on despite the storms. Some were deserved, others were completely out of my control. In the end, we need to endure them all and will continue the need to survive all types of downpours.  Let it Rain, I say.

When I find myself in trouble, I force my body take over with significant movement. My mind tends to follows if the movement is radical enough. Move thy ass your mind will follow. Not kidding.

Extremes happen. It’s your reaction that counts. The brain will follow the heart.  For me, when it rains, it’s just wet. Let it rain, I say.

Be well, do Well,


6 thoughts on “End of the Weak 7.02.2021

    1. Thank you for asking. Significant movement is shaking the lymphatic system for at least ten minutes. Shaking can be jumping, trampoline, jogging, sex I guess if you don’t hurt yourself. I’ve been watching your post. You are intelligent enough to get out of your situation. Shake and move miss.

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