End of the Weak 5.20.2021

  • Quote currently firing my synapses – “The thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which must also make you lonely.” Lorraine Hansberry – American Playwright and writer.

  • Self-serving “The mind is a powerful thing not intended to be weaponized. You should take advantage for the right reasons”. Scarpoe
  • From the memoir “Rain” – “Included with your diagnosis of depression/PTSD, comes a membership to Club Med. Where along with getting to try every damn antidepressant know to man, you will receive a sticky label. Plus, get to be the proud owner of a very large, lovely dose of stigma, courtesy of society. Congratulations! Thanks for coming, have a good night.”
Currently in the lobby at my doctor’s office. I didn’t intend to park it there. Sorry.

Be Well, Do Well,


4 thoughts on “End of the Weak 5.20.2021

  1. I always think that I should be using my walks to “be in the moment” but forget it — I’d rather walk around my neighborhood mouthing the lyrics to songs, as parents shoo their kids away from “the crazy lady”.
    J/K, I hope!


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