Shards of Glass

Focus; be mindful, the only limits are in the mind

Time is not linear, it’s malleable.

Exercise and meditation reinforce the connection between mind and body.

Life has a meaning, but it’s different for everyone.

Adversity is your friend, anxiety is not.

Looking for closure is a waste of time.

Human evolution is leading us to telepathy.

The brain is not deterministic, randomness happens at the molecular level causing free will.

Tension cannot exist in an exhausted muscle.

Life is an illusion but you had better get the hang of it.

Vibrations, rhythm, and music, are life

Merging cultures is a good thing.

Fat, dumb, and happy is possible for a short time.

Try to think past your own circumstances. (Mindfulness)

Dogs are good therapy, even the cleanup.

Is there a place where you want to be? Go then.

Life after death, is not as we know it.

Age is a number; the relevance is up to you.

Mathematics harness the Universe, know some.

You do not need to find yourself, just be yourself.

Fear is a simple lack of knowledge.

Any real major dude will tell you.

Enjoy art, find what pleases you.

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis (Hegelian dialectic) Truth.

Emotion will override intellect every time if you let it, sometimes this is good.

Once in a while you just need a toy.

50% of all internet content is wrong.

Do not over think, that’s worry.

Keep up with technology.

Life is a series of events designed to educate you, enjoy the time in between events.

Protect yourself against narcissistic invasions.

Many things are beyond human understanding, do the best you can.

You can only do what you can do.

Do Well, Be Well.

Be Silent.

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