End of the Weak – September 18, 2020

Hello there!

Here’s a smattering of what’s on my mind.

The carnivore diet, the good, the bad and the ugly. This diet, at face value, seems simplistic. All I have to do is eat meat right? Hardly, to do it right you have to get the fat/protein ration correct, keep sodium and electrolyte levels adequate, and get the nutrition your body needs to keep your ass alive.

This restrictive diet is all about consuming animals and their by products, meat (beef, pork, chicken et al), eggs, cheese etc… The diet is said to help your autoimmune system, relive depression/anxiety, aid weight loss, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, keep energy levels consistent, correct insulin resistance, aid heart health and a few other things. It all sounds great if you can avoid the pitfalls, lack of vitamins, low sodium, lack of minerals, dehydration, keto flu, not eating enough fat, or not eating enough calories period.

It’s suggested you eat an animal from tail to snout, and they are not kidding. Seems you should consume everything from connective tissue, fat, organs, bone marrow (bone broth), to brains, etc.. This is the only way to get the nutrition you need (just like the pioneers back in the day). I say to hell with that. I draw the line when it comes to feeding on organ meat. So, I elected to do a modified carnivore diet, and take supplements.

I’m in the third week of this fine diet and the benefits are real. I have lost weight (11 lbs.), reduced inflammation, have less anxiety, and my arthritis feels better. I ran for the first time in years (I’m genetically blessed with Rheumatoid Arthritis), and I had descent energy for resistance training. That’s the good.

Now the ugly. Halfway through the second week my critical levels started to dip. I had to add sodium (Himalayan sea salt) and electrolytes (fortified water). Then my energy level took a dive. I was getting too much protein and not enough fat. The remedy was to add bacon and butter. Sounds crazy as hell, I know. It seemed counterintuitive to be adding extra salt and fat along with not eating one damn vegetable. I read some dieters add lard (pork fat) and suet (beef fat) to their meals in order to get the correct protein/fat ratio. To hell with that, too. I can not consciously put lard into my body. So henceforth, I am starting to add quality carbohydrates with lean protein into the diet.

The bottom line on the carnivore diet is that it’s a very restrictive diet that allows you to reset your system, then slowly add back the foods you used to eat to see which ones your body has a reaction to, and that’s a very good thing. I believe if you can keep all your critical levels steady, this diet is sustainable for some, but not for me. Everybody is different. One last thing, alcohol will not work with this diet. I’ve been on the wagon throughout the duration of this experiment an it’s worked fine.

Be well, Do well,


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