Mental Health Survival Guide

This guide (from When it Rains...) may help when your life has come off the rails.

1. You have to want to be helped. If you don’t, stop reading, you will never get better, might even die. You have to stop fighting yourself and open your mind for any type of improvement to take place. Don’t let your ego get in the way of help.

2. Decide what you have control of and what you don’t. Ignore everything out of your control. More time and energy (that you don’t have) are wasted trying to figure out what or how to change something that’s is not in your control. I heard somewhere that worrying is like praying for something you don’t want. Unburden yourself from all that holds you back and chuck the rest in the fuck-it bucket.

3. Prioritize what you have control over in the order of severity. Change the life threatening things first. Then the “harm to self/others” second and on down the line. Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs may be of assistance (below). Example, if you are in an abusive relationship. Get out.  If you have health issues, fix them, no excuses. If you are not changing it, you are choosing it.


4. If you are on the street or in danger get to safe shelterIf not go to 5.

a. Find water, food and dry cloths if needed.

b. Rest and stabilize

c. Buddy-up if you are the type. Finding someone you can trust will allow you to rest      a little easier. And most of the time 2 heads are better. Do know that going lone-        wolf is okay too. It’s just a little harder.

5. Find nutrition, the best possible. Supplement if you can.  

6. Take care of hygiene even if you have to force yourself. If you can’t shower, wash hands, face and hair. 

7. Mental illness is physically painful so use over the counter medication. Nothing toxic or illegal if possible. Steer clear of the self-medicating, you know what I mean. If you have an addiction, Do Not stop cold turkey. The addiction will kill you eventually but quitting abruptly can kill you faster. Most people will need assistance with their addiction, find it. 

8. Sleep if you can, unless you are sleeping too much then force yourself to stay awake by taking a walk outside. You need to get your circadian rhythm back on track to feel better. Establishing a routine will bring order to the chaos.

9. Develop a plan and work that plan. Seeking help should be at the top of the list. And don’t give me that “I can’t afford it” bullshit. There are free resources everywhere… If you don’t have a phone or PC got to the library (I did).  At this point if someone is willing to help you, let them. Either with assistance or on your own, complete your game plan, I mean write it down. That includes everything it is going to take to work that plan. There should be both long-term and short-term items.

10. DROP all of your expectations. If you have any, they will be based on faulty thinking. For example, you think you need a change and need it quick, and you are right but the type of change you have in mind, like moving, changing jobs or finding a partner that will change your life, are all based on bullshit thinking. You won’t be able to handle these big changes and you will end up in survival mode once again. You need to change the simple things first. Work on being aware of your situation and knowing it will take time, work and, consistence effort to dig out of your hell hole.

11. Count Your blessings, at this point you are still alive and that is something. Properly set your expectations because it is a long road to get right again, but it is totally worth it.


Do well, Do well,

The Scarp

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