Definition Friday

Anhedonia (the inability to feel pleasure) typically manifests itself in two ways: physically and socially. Social anhedonia takes the joy out of spending time with people you would normally like being around, while physical anhedonia can make your favorite foods taste bland and this fun one, can make sex unfulfilling. This condition will make you a real blast at parties. 

If you are like me, you will still have bad days even after you find an adequate fix for your ills. Unfortunately, there isn’t a panacea for mental health. I have experienced several down days since I started the vitamins/therapy for my depression/PTSD. And some of those bad days feel like all my old symptoms are back despite my best efforts. The key thing to remember is, this is normal. Everyone feels down from time to time, be it caused by an imbalance or situation. Keep in mind that bad days are temporary.  

 Be well, do well. 

 Enjoy the damn weekend,cigar


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