Working on Rain

When it Rains…. 

anxiety, fear, hopelessness, worry, angry, fatigue, guilt, trust, perception, substance abuse, stress, psychosis, family, violence, philosophy, paranoia, victim, panic, insomnia, self-blame, social skills, depression cheapens life worthlessness, stress, bi-polar, PTSD, medication, psychosis, determined victim, sensitive in an empathic way, trauma (the loss of self) reconnecting with the body is the cure, letting go, can’t do on your own.  migraine, EMDR, neuroses, self-control, talk yoga, learning, intention, suicide, an intention is essential, it’s with our minds that we create our world, buddha. trust, trauma is not responding to the present moment it’s responding to the past, all problems are learning opportunities, self-esteem, education, hopelessness is a nightmare that has become real life, drama, depression, vulnerability, frustration, courage, limits, paying dues, 

Mental Illness.  Have Some….  scarsck

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