When it Rains…..

The topic that has been dominating me since July has been my shoulder. (Injured lifting heavy things. Then later compounded by lifting more heavy things). You’d think one would stop lifting heavy things. (Slow to learn old fool). Nevertheless, the injury has taken the wind completely out of my sails. And to complicated matters the PTSD that resides in my mind tends to make me feel vulnerable when injured, which in turn triggers other less desirable calls to action.

Well I have finally convinced, all that matter, that there is a true problem here, (I have shoulder parts flapping in the wind that will require surgical repair).

So on 23, Oct. 2018 I will be carved like a Thanksgiving turkey. And I can’t wait. During the convalescing period, I will be finishing the first draft of a piece that’s been trying to get out of my head and the subsequent screen play.

My best to all who follow,

Ta for now,


….It’s Wet.

Looking at clouds heavy with rain.

10 thoughts on “When it Rains…..

  1. Hang in there my friend. Oh wait, your arm cant take it….Yet. 🤭 Prayers for skilled medical staff, compliant patient, tolerable discomfort, and speedy recovery. Then you can hang like a monkey from any tree you like. 😘

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  2. Hang in there and good luck with surgery but most of all don’t forget to keep us posted.
    I’m sorry I missed so many of your posts,for some reason I stopped receiving notifications🤷🏻‍♀️

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