Chip on Your Shoulder

Ever know someone that always has to have a beef” with someone or they’re never happy?  Yep, some use anger to fuel their everyday lives. Seems counterintuitive to me. Here of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s? Those idiots had a feud that lasted for ages.

For those of us whom suffer Depression/PTSD, it’s best for us not to live life in an angry manner (always regrettable). However, if you feel like you can’t regulate your anger, learn to channel it. Let that anger fuel a positive endeavor. Professional athletes do this all the time. They will find a derogatory statement or news headline,  post it for all to see. This is meant to inspire everyone to play a motivated game, and it works.

Take away: Don’t write if you are angry. As a matter of fact, don’t act in any fashion when you’re angry. Don’t make anger a way of life. Nobody likes a red ass (angry person).

This guy is angry about his shoulder.

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