Will You?

How many types of will are there? There’s the will to live, win, succeed, and survive. You can impose your will, spread goodwill, have willpower, or lose your will. Before we go any further I need to mention that there’s a common denominator: free, all human will is free.

Mathematical representation:             Types of will


There you go easy as busting your ass on an icy sidewalk, right? Well, what if I throw a spanner (wrench) in the works by saying the denominator in our equation fluctuates between a constant and a variable, while you are trying to solve for the variable f?

I can hear you saying, “Who gives a flying hillbilly fuck Scarp?”

You might.

It’s YOU that determines if the f is variable or not. In other words: the reason your “will” is not always free, is because it meets with resistance from physical and mental tendencies that we manufacture as human beings. These mental tendencies or influences are constantly trying to knock you off course. And it’s up to you to strip away all the human elements of restraint (bullshit) to uncover your true conscious energy (Will). Moving forward with subtraction.

Removing all of life’s self-imposed noise will give you back the ability to make a good decision. You must not let adversity stand in the way of any decision that moves you toward your own greater good.

OK, back to the original question, how many types of will are there? It’s 1. That’s right, it’s all the same will and you are in full control of the flavor. You make the choices that determine your actions. This is without any interference from nature, fate, a Deity, or any other damn thing you can think of. It’s the you of you.

Take away – We all began as conscious energy that will never dissipates. Don’t let a physical body and societal norms stand in the way of what is best for you. Remember, while we are all in this 3 dimensional bounce-house, there are choices to be made and experiences to learn from. That’s all.

Be true to thyself.

10 thoughts on “Will You?

    1. When I was in corporate America (you remember) , I would shave every weekday, let it go on weekends. These days I do the exact opposite. What do you think of that?


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