Life if Illusion

Reality is an approximation. Don’t let anyone tell you differently because they can and will. From “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato to Timothy Leary’s “Psychedelic Experience” Nobody here has really cornered the market on reality (enlightenment). In fact, every felt like you don’t fit in anywhere? That’s because we don’t, any of us. We are all walking around with a little piece of the puzzle that is existence. Does that mean we’re all supposed to gather to compile our pieces to bring universal chaos to a screeching halt? Maybe, who’s to say?

Nobody is allowed to make you feel any other way than what you want to feel (physical pleasure/pain notwithstanding).  The paradox is when we go through life fat, dumb, and happy (think living with your head in the sand) and tend not to learn a goddamn thing, as in zero growth. Ergo, staying fat, dumb and happy by thinking we have the entire picture figured out when we don’t because we are truly lacking knowledge. So what’s a god fearing fuck to do?

We all have the ability to spin a perceived reality into what we want or rather what works better for us. But what if you’re young and don’t have the experience to know how you are supposed to process, perceive, or control your thoughts? Well, you then have to take those slings and arrows. Hello PTSD for some. The answer is, you gain experience and become more mindful, you can then properly manipulate and the healing, if you will, can begin.

Take away: You should control your thoughts, not the other way around. If you have yet to master that skill, learn it. You are at a tremendous disadvantage thinking that you know every damn thing. People will use “He/She is young and naive and will learn” only for so long. (Catch that?) Perception is reality, but it does not have to be. Due know there are still times in life when you have to eat that proverbial shit sandwich. I suggest you not nibble.

Be well, do well,

The Scarp

Rules of 1/3
For the Swedish Princess that makes me smile.



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