Where are Your Expectations?

Expectations can be tricky. Establish them too high and you could be setting yourself up for disappointment. Set them too low, you spare yourself the disappointment, but it’s a good bet that you’re not going to get a desired result. So what the hell?

What about the personal expectations you have set for yourself, friends or family? Are they all different? Can be. What about when you are depressed? Are your expectations low or are they nestled in your derriere right next to the lead (non-existent)?

I found that if you maintain low expectations for yourself and others everyone is unhappy. Think of yourself as the CEO of a company. If you have low-level expectations for the employees, they will perform to that level, and think it’s fine (human nature). On the other hand if the employees know you have high expectations they will work harder to achieve the higher standard (also human nature).

Here’s a secret, you can use this human nature to your advantage. If you have low/no expectations and you let the fickle finger of fate dictate your life, that’s ok, if you don’t want to change. But nobody wants to live on Struggle Street for long. To relocate to a better zip code you will need to create a positive “can do” culture for yourself. And you start by, becoming your own CEO, setting high-level personal expectations, and working hard to achieve the higher standard (High-level being a relative term for each of us).

Take away: Change begins in the mind where those expectations are developed. With high expectation, things get done, goals are met and you keep moving forward. Do yourself and the people in your orbit a favor and keep those expectations high. (A high tide raises all ships in the harbor).

Spring Day!

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