Are you getting the results you desire?

Desired result can be a source of trepidation because they can come in varying degrees. (think subjective) Let’s call that variation a grey area (not the “50 Shades” type, we want to live there). I’m talking about the kind of grey area that lawyers live for and the majority of us think sucks because we like our dealings to be black or white, right or wrong, or “yes” or “no”. (Don’t bother us with any of those damn “maybes” kind of thing) This is going somewhere, I promise.

This grey area can cause anxiety that may be blocking your personal path to wellbeing. An example of this: you want to loose weight, so you hire a swinging’ dick personal trainer for 10 sessions at the local gym. The Dick tells you if you listen to his instruction you will loose 10 lbs.(4.54kg) at the end of the 10 sessions. (Expectation of results is set)

You go through the 10 sessions at $20/per and weigh in upon completion. Oh shit, you only lost 2 lbs.(0.91kg) You are now officially in the grey area and anxious as hell because you did not get the results you expected. You are also a little pissed about the ROI (return on investment) and you also found out that trainer Dick head didn’t give you the diet plan you were supposed to follow during the 10 sessions. (Curses!)

Take away: Set realistic expectations/goals for results before you begin anything. Preform due diligence before any business transaction (Some people will take advantage of you whether you’re depressed or not). Always give 100% when working toward any goal. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

9 thoughts on “Are you getting the results you desire?

  1. That’s a really good way of looking at things. You’d think it would be common sense, but we tend to set unrealistic goals more often than we do reachable ones.Thanks for the reminder.

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