React or Respond What’s your Choice?

React or respond? This pesky little dichotomy can make your life very unsavory if you let it. Let’s examine the difference between the two.  

Reaction – We react to stimuli every day, one example would be if someone cuts you off in traffic. Your first reaction might be, “I’ll kill that mother-fucker” or “That stupid-ass son of a bitch is going to kill someone.” This is also known as a knee jerk reaction. 

Response – (think mindful, intelligent, wisdom) When that same dick-head driver cuts you off in traffic again. Your thoughts might then be, “that bloke is in a terrible rush, I wonder if there is an emergency?” And you may pray that he makes his destination safely. No really. 

Understanding the difference will certainly help you to navigate life’s streets. The key is preparation of the mind/body. Without preparation you will react instead of respond every time. This is a choice, and I would recommend getting control of your thoughts to make it a wise one. (Meditation helped me) 


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