Good Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a funny thing. Too little and we get bored, too much and we get overwhelmed (Think panic attack). Humans are built for a certain amount of anxiety. Navigating along the anxiety spectrum there is a place where a sweet spot exists. When visiting this spot, there is just enough anxiety to keeps us on our toes, bringing out that “A” game that is in all of us. Trick is finding that spot and staying there. Unfortunately there is no “staying there” because anxiety and its triggers come in waves. (Feast or famine one could say in this metaphoric/cliché festival) If none of us can live there then it’s essential to develop coping strategies when our anxiety needle starts to peg.

Exercise, meditation, yoga, positive thinking, and herbal supplements can all aid in countering the effects of anxiety. You can take your pick (checking with a doctor) but whatever you do take some sort of action or you will neither win nor live a quality life.

I’ve been asked for an update on the “Is Fat, Dumb, and Happy Possible?” post. To refresh your memory, I was starting my summer body sculpting after a lengthy layoff. My starting point was 6’4” 245lbs, (1.93m, 111.13kg) I am now 6” 245lbs. 1.82m 111.13kg (a bit of levity because weight loss can be some serious shit). Joking aside, I weighed in today at 237lbs. So progress is being made. Please find the workout photos below. I will go with body pics when I feel like I won’t make you sick after the viewing thereof.

17 thoughts on “Good Anxiety?

  1. I’ve been battling anxiety/panic attacks for several years now. I tale a chill pill (prescription) to level out. But I think I will take your advice and seek a natural approach. I do drink Tulsi tea and that helps a bit. Keep the great work!


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