“Who Can Hear The Buddha Sing?”

I like this truth. It is from the Tim Ferris Blog and is excerpted from one of his favorite books of the last year, The Gift by Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky:

Tonight as you sit with your
Young students

Have eyes
Burning like coals for the truth,

Raise your glass in honour
Of The Old Great One from Asia.

Speak in the beautiful style
And precision wit of a
Japanese verse.

Say a profound truth about this path
With the edge of your sailor’s tongue that
Has been honed on the finest sake.

Okay, dear ones, are you ready?
Are you braced?

Well then:

Who can hear the Buddha sing
If the dog between your legs is barking?

Who can hear the Buddha sing
If that canine between your

Wants to do circus

18 thoughts on ““Who Can Hear The Buddha Sing?”

  1. I understand anxiety and have tried different things to keep it at bay — deep down, I know that the answers lie within me.
    How are you doing on your journey?

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    1. I’m doing really well. I have a new therapist (Dr. Crosby, Haus of Clarity). He has ground breaking treatment for Depression/PTSD and all the loveliness that accompany those conditions (including anxiety). Thanks for asking.

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