Is Fat, Dumb and Happy Possible?

Spring is in the air here in the Mid-West (Not really, I’m freezing my sac). Anyway, if spring were in the air my mind would turn to exercise, as one must, to prepare for those sunny beach outings. Problem is God is not going to will my ass to 4% body fat. That task will fall to me. (4% seems extreme, I’ll re-examine that number)

I was a gym rat in years past so staying in shape was no problem. Then I moved to Arizona where I was more of a desert rat. These days I feel more like a rat’s ass. (Knee surgery has recently slowed me down) Currently at 6ft. 4in. 245lbs – (1.93m 111.13 kg) my muscles are the consistency of pudding (butterscotch I think), my screaming knees want to leave me for someone who cares, and I could be the goddamn Christmas ham this holiday season.

Because exercise is such a vital part of my therapy, for controlling the Depression/PTSD, I have to make a change. So I’m utilizing everything I know about exercise and nutrition to get back into shape. (Become, Born Again Hard)

My internal dialog for change:

  • Don’t push fitness/nutrition on others. A lot of people don’t give a rat’s ass about you or your health program. (distance yourself from the “rat’s ass” tag)
  • It takes 21 days to form a habit. Don’t get discouraged.
  • Intensity matters with exercise. (Don’t half-ass it)
  • Start slow to avoid injury. You are closer to an old fool than a young man.
  • Eat lean protein and vegetables but don’t starve yourself. (Work in 2 cheat days/month)
  • The goal is preparation for future opportunities.
  • Get to a weight that feels comfortable. Not your high school weight. Again, you are closer to an old fool than a young man.
  • This is not a competition.
Pumping Iron
First Day of the Transformation.


Take away: If you feel like you’ve been sadly dealt in life, make a change. Modify what you have control of, i.e. attitude, weight, facial expression, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be intimidated. (Looking at people that are in shape at the gym can be very intimidating. Work out at home). Do not give up on yourself (Transformation does not happen overnight) Ignore resentment (some family and friends may resent you for taking the initiative to change. Keep moving , it’s their problem.

10 thoughts on “Is Fat, Dumb and Happy Possible?

      1. I’m actually within my boarders of height weight…not necessarily comfortable though. Picked up a gym and feeling better. 🙂 happy all inside wherever I am though. Kind to ones self is always the answer.

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