Wild Turkey 101


This week I would like to discuss the slippery slope of alcohol that I mentioned in Maxims and Arrows. Why is it slippery? Part of the reason is Alcoholism. You can start as a social drinker, slip on the slope, and bust your ass on the sidewalk of addiction. The leap from social drinker to alcoholic is as varied a trip as any addiction scenario you can dream up, but not all roads lead to Rome (this puts a little more slip in the slope because, as many know and a few don’t, not everyone who drinks ends up a raging alcoholic).

Here is a secret just between you and me. If it weren’t for alcohol I wouldn’t have gotten anything done in my early years of suffering Depression/PTSD. When fatigue and body aches had me chained to a bed all day (my mitochondria were even fucking sucking air), I’d force myself up, have a dram or two and begin to feel better about life. I then felt like getting up to accomplish tasks that I had neglected (shower, pay bills, clean house, yard work, go to the store etc.) I made that standard operating procedure while at home (never at work) until Dr. Crosby crossed my path. That’s when I was introduced to genetic testing, and vitamin/educational therapy. Thereafter I felt like I didn’t need the spirits as a pick me up. (In the interest of full disclosure my standard operating procedure was becoming less effective as time passed. You can only drink wine and piss milk for so long.)

All those early years of therapy were shot to hell. (I should be grateful for the hardship and lessons learned but I’m still working on that). Everyone I saw (pre-Dr. C) wanted to treat the perceived alcohol addiction first then the depression (which is how it’s to be done if the diagnosis is accurate). I kept telling my therapists,  “There is no alcohol addiction here, nothing physical nor psychological not any, anything”.

To prove my point I stopped imbibing for 10 weeks cold turkey. To the chagrin of many, there weren’t any problems. No DT’s (Delirium Tremens), no psychological cravings or a need for a substitute. At the end of the 10 weeks I didn’t feel any better or worse, I was still depressed, maybe even more so because my place was such a mess. So try to remember and never forget, if a therapist does not listen to what you are trying to tell them, move on.

The Takeaway: Moderation is key, as anything can be overdone. Keep in mind that alcohol negates anything anti-depressants are doing for you. Alcohol is a depressant, if you’re already depressed, how are you going to win that one? And if you drink too much with medications, the combination can cancel your ass like a stamp. Admittedly not everyone is going to be able drink for strength. So I am not recommending you try this, it is for information purposes only. It’s my story that is all. If you think you have a drinking problem or any health problem, please seek the advice of a professional. These days it is for better for me to take vitamin supplements for PTSD/Depression instead of alcohol. **

**Caveat: So as not to be a judgmental hypocrite or a Carrie Nation type, I’m not a complete teetotaler. I still like a little Brandy when I have a virus or enjoy a good single malt with a cigar. (Don’t get faded that’s all) FYI, Wild Turkey 101 is a 101 proof whiskey.

Random thought of the week: “Time is not linear; it can be folded in your mind and in space.”

8 thoughts on “Wild Turkey 101

  1. My mum was always scared that I’ll become alcoholic because my father was (he’s died btw, he also been in different clinics and it helped him only for a short while..) I mean u r right, it’s easy to take a drink (socially) here-there & slowly become dependent on it..
    I never was tho. So my mum was wrong.
    But I understand u r telling about a bit different problem…but they go hand in hand for many ppl

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    1. My biggest problem is some of my family (like your mum) thought I would become an alcoholic, then labeled me as such, and now rarely communicates with me. I would like to thank them for the love, empathy and never ending support!

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  2. I know it seems extreme from the outside looking in but it’s really ok. I’ll catch up with them in the next lifetime, or this one if they want to. I’m open to anything.


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