From Bad to Good

What follows is not meant to impress, persuade, sale or manipulate you in anyway. It is  my modest recommendation to anyone that may be suffering from the devastating effects of Depression/PTSD.

I’ve come to a point where I finally feel comfortable enough to share what I know is a very effective treatment for Depression/PTSD. Plus it also helps all those other undesirables that tend to tag along, like fatigue, anxiety, anger etc.

The reason I waited to share so long after the start of treatment is the fact that I have had so many other failed treatments (mainly pharmaceutical). The failed treatments left me wondering why God has to have his boot on my throat. Failed treatments are responsible for me questioning my faith, sanity and developing an unhealthy loathing for life. That said, I would not knowingly guide anyone into that “Charlie Foxtrot” unless I was absolutely sure about the efficacy of this treatment.

Let us start by examining the state of my mental health prior to this new found treatment. It was Piss Poor. My thinking/behavior were so far adrift that I thought I was beyond help. Another problem was my instant gratification attitude brought on by various pharmaceutical commercials that lead me to believe that if I found the right pill, all would be right with the world. Maybe I was naive or just plain stupid but eventually I discovered that it wasn’t working for me.

I also found over the years that many therapists’ efforts were substandard. These therapists were constantly trying to treat me for addiction with behavioral therapy or some other crazy ass pop psychology that they got out of a online psych. mag. I knew I wasn’t addicted to anything but no one would listen. They had their cause and effect confused. I kept insisting they eat rocks and die, but they could not look past the addiction diagnosis. I was even fired from seeing one therapist! Can you believe that? I will save that story for another time.

You may already be aware that the lack of an effective treatment plan can lead to various other unsavory habits. Like not taking care of yourself in any fashion whatsoever. I think the non-medical term for this is “I don’t give a shit syndrome”. Examples are poor eating habits, little to no exercise, and/or self-abuse of every imaginable kind. I felt like I was constantly wearing a lead overcoat. I literally hated everybody and everything. And to prove it, I applied for a copyright of the phrase “I hate everybody and everything”, and had shirts made. The shirts are still available at this link: My Tee-Shirt Shop (I never did take the store down. Don’t know why?) Here is a pic of the shirt I wore:


Well worn isn’t it? When I sported this shirt in public I received several strange looks, a lot of “where can I get one of those?” and a few offers for help.

One time I was wearing this shirt into a pharmacy to fill a script. The pharmacists lady read the shirt and look up at me and said, “Oh surely not?”

I didn’t say a word.

She read my  script “450mg of Effexor 1x Day” (which is a mega dose).

She looked up at me and said, “Maybe you do.” (Everybody’s a wise ass when you are depressed and suffering)

Seriously though, you do need to have your shit in one pile if you are going to wear that shirt in public. Because I found for some odd reason people take offense to being hated. I know.

Looking back at it now, I find it comical that I found the energy to participate in something so negative.

The 30000 ft. view is this: People can have a genetic predisposition or a susceptibility to Depression/PTSD based on genetic mutations in their DNA inherited from their parents. Thank you mum and dad. (This of course is an oversimplification but the point is made).

These genetic mutations in our DNA lower the stress threshold making us susceptible to the effects of traumatic events.  This effect is cumulative and leads to depression/PTSD. First responders, military personal, and persons suffering from Depression/PTSD need to be educated to recognize this risk/triggers as part of treatment plan or preventive maintenance class.

The good news is that once the mutations are identified, they can be effectively treated allowing you to be, dare I say, normal. In other words it levels the playing field. Once you have the stress tolerance of a normal person (physically) you can educated yourself and become better equipped to handle life’s little “stressors” like death, marriage, bad transmissions the things that tend push us over the edge to Meltdown Town.

So how does one identify these genetic mutations you ask? Simple, send a DNA sample to 23 and Me (ancestry/health trait site). In addition to finding out about your ancestry, which is pretty cool, a raw data file containing you genetic makeup is also generated. A software program processes that data spitting out what’s wrong with you, or I mean your genetic make up. Then based on those findings, vitamin supplements (that’s right) are recommended for daily use to negate the effects of the mutations.

It sounds a little too simple, no? But yes, it works. It’s all about the absorption of nutrients. The genetic mutations do not allow vitamins to properly absorb into the body causing deficiencies.  I personal take vitamins D, C and varieties of B. I have the charts, diagrams and all that business to illustrate the effects all the way down to the molecular level. I will save those for another post. Here’s another good one for you; The majority of medical schools have yet to add this information to their curriculum.

Do understand that erasing the deficiencies is only part of the treatment equation. The vitamins are part of a three-pronged attack against Depression/PTSD. The other two items are education therapy and a healthy, active lifestyle. The key here is that you cannot discount any one of the three or you will tend to backslide. And if you let one thing slide in the mental health arena, your depression/PTSD will start to ice skate. I fancy the thought of this treatment trident sticking my Depression/PTSD in the ass. I don’t want to sound Pollyannaish but there is hope for those of us that have suffered for so long.

If you would like to participate in the genetic testing please send me your email (don’t worry I won’t sale it or even tell anyone). I will send you a link that will get you $30 off the regular genetic testing price. I will get a little something for this (I believe in full disclosure).

Most of the online information I found on this subject is wrong (about 50%) Hence I will provide accurate information for choosing a good doctor, coping strategies, and health hacks to feel better a little later. Thank you for reading. I hope this helps you or a friend.

*The information in this blog was used by permission and is intended for information purposes only. If you are experiencing a medical emergency please contact a medical professional or call 911.


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  1. So I have done the 23&me. I don’t recall an area that discussed nutritional deficiencies. Are you plugging the raw data into another algorithm?

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