Normal vs Happy

First, I would like to thank you for having the intestinal fortitude to follow this train wreck. It means a lot. This blog was recommended by my doctor as part of a plan to help me become normal. Having you follow has been a positive slice of life for me, thank you.

Next, I have an appointment with said doctor this Monday 1.8.18, to see if I am any closer to normal than when I started roughly six months ago. If things go well, I will share my treatment plan with you.

To recap my condition, I picked up a nasty case of PTSD when I was a child.  Subsequently it manifest itself into a severe depression that I’ve been battling ever-sense. I’ve done the rags to riches to rags dance, lost many jobs, and had enough rage to hate everybody and everything at once as a result, until I met Dr. Crosby.  One of the important facts that I have learned from the past six months is that successful treatment will make you normal not happy. Effective treatment levels the playing field so you can function like a “normal” human being. Of course the term normal is relative. I don’t think I was not clear on this before, maybe because I was naïve or too full of wishful thinking, not sure.

Anyway, the takeaway here is this: Normal and happy are two very distinct entities. You can be both at the same time (I think), but never confuse one for the other, it will only lead to trouble.

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3 thoughts on “Normal vs Happy

  1. Normal and happy are indeed two distinct entities and can often be juxtaposed, no?
    If you keep writing like this, I don’t see why people wouldn’t flock here and maybe Dr. Crosby will not be so cross seeing how normal and happy you can be at the same time.


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