I would like to discuss fear tonight if you will indulge me. I have heard that everything you want is on the other side of fear. I believe this to be true however not for the face value reason that first comes to mind. To get to the point fear is just a simple lack of knowledge. An example, you walk into a pitch black room and hear a noise. You become scared shirtless, not because you are afraid of the dark, it’s because you haven’t any knowledge of what is in the room. The dark get the blame for the cover up, but it is up to us to pursue the true answer. Turn on the light and you find a kitten has knock over a dish from the table. Once you obtain the knowledge the fear is gone. It seems remedial but it holds true for many thing.

Here’s the takeaway: You can rid yourself of fear and anxiety by digging into the source of the fear and breaking it down to logical/reasonable facts that make sense in your mind. It has to make sense to you or you did not do a adequate job of knowledge gathering (learning.)

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